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Paris Photo Trip

Welcome to Paris

Paris  provides an endless array of captivating subjects to photograph. Instantly recognizable landmarks, quiet streets, vibrant markets, cafes and gardens provide the backdrop as we explore and capture incredible images.


Each workshop is unique and catered to your skills. These workshops will help you develop your creative eye and take your photography to the next level.

We are passionate about inspiring growth and imparting practical skills. In the process you will  create stunning photos that you'll be proud of for a lifetime.


We provide private photography workshops in and around Paris. While we focus on Street Photography, other types of photography instruction such as Fashion, Portrait and Travel, are available upon request (additional fee may apply).
All levels of photographers and all gear is welcome. 

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Half Day Workshop

Expand your photography in just half a day. Join us and capture stunning, portfolio-worthy shots.

3-4 hours

Cost = €200

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Full Day Workshop

Transform yourself with our full day private Paris Photography Workshop. Develop skills that will last a lifetime. Capture stunning, portfolio-worthy shots.

7-8 Hours

Cost= €350

france-normandy-etretat-cliff-private photography lessons

Dream  Workshop

Shoot exactly what you want.The cliffs of Etretat or Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy? Models in a fancy studio? Lavender fields or castles? An intensive week-long Paris street photography workshop? Together, let's design your dream photography workshop.

This Is Our Mission

Our mission is to empower photography enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and unlock their artistic potential. We provide tailored workshops and Paris photography tours that allow our clients to capture the enchanting beauty of Paris, while developing as photographers.

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