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Get to Know Paris Photo Trip

Welcome to Paris
My name is Clay Neddo. I am a Canadian Photographer living in Paris. I have pursued photography since high school, developing black and white prints in the school darkroom. I have been instructing small groups and private workshops since 2016. You can find my personal work here:

Paris Photo Trip is the natural combination of my love of photography and my passion for inspiring others. Paris offers an unforgettable backdrop for photography, and a hub for travelers looking for new experiences. This makes it a perfect place for us to connect.

I also have access to working photographers of various genres here in Paris. Should you require specialized instruction in other areas such as fashion or product photography, let me know. We may be able to find your instructor.


My Mission

My mission is to empower photography enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and unlock their artistic potential. I provide tailored workshops that allow photographers to capture the enchanting beauty of Paris, while developing their photography skills.

I offer a client-centered approach that caters to photographers of all skill levels. I provide a supportive and collaborative environment, ensuring personalized attention and an unforgettable experience.


Join me and explore the streets and iconic landmarks of Paris; creating timeless memories and capturing moments of pure magic.

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