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Dream Photography Workshop

Expand your world and explore exactly what you want.The cliffs of Etretat or Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy? Models in a fancy studio? Perhaps lavender fields or castles of the Loire Valley? An intensive week-long street photography workshop? Let us know, we will design a completely custom workshop for you.

Unlock your artistic vision with a fully customizable photography workshop tailored to your desires. Gain hands-on experience photographing what you want with a pro photographer as your assistant.


Imagine capturing the breathtaking beauty of the cliffs of Etretat, where rugged coastal formations meet the crashing waves of the English Channel. Immerse yourself in the medieval charm of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, with its majestic abbey and ethereal landscapes. We will curate an unforgettable experience based on your desire to create and grow as a photographer.


Indulge in the allure of a fancy studio shoot. With professional models, expert lighting, and a creative team at your disposal, unleash your imagination and capture stunning, high-fashion imagery that tells a compelling story.

Venture into the picturesque lavender fields of Povance. Lose yourself in a symphony of vibrant colors as you learn to capture the delicate beauty and fragrant essence of these awe-inspiring landscapes. 


Alternatively, dive into the bustling streets of Paris for an intensive week-long street photography workshop. Discover the art of storytelling through your lens as you navigate the vibrant neighborhoods, capturing candid moments and exploring the dynamic energy of the city.


No matter your photography passion, I will collaborate closely with you, and other professionals to design a completely customized workshop. From selecting the locations and themes to fine-tuning the technical aspects, we will ensure an experience that perfectly aligns with your creative aspirations. 


Unleash your creativity and elevate your photography skills with our bespoke workshop, crafted exclusively for you in the captivating landscapes of France.

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