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Half Day Private Photography Workshop


Join me on a half-day photography exploration in the beautiful city of Paris. Improve your photography as we explore the iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and charming streets that make Paris a paradise for photographers.


Whether you're a beginner seeking a solid foundation or an experienced photographer looking to refine your technique, you'll receive insightful tips and tricks to enhance your photography. I provide personalized guidance tailored to your individual skill level and interests. 


By the end of the workshop, you'll not only have a stunning collection of images but also newfound confidence in your abilities as a photographer. 


Don't miss this amazing opportunity to unlock your creative potential. Contact us today and let Paris ignite your passion.


Complete the self assessment form.

Identify areas of interest/desired focus of the workshop.

Identify any particular locations or landmarks of interest.


Workshop Itinerary:

Meet at a convenient location in Paris.

Reconfirm goals, locations, landmarks etc.

Proceed with the experience traveling to necessary places.
Stop for coffee/breaks as needed.

Wrap up, questions, final tips.



Photography Self Assessment.

Photographic instruction.
Transportation if required (Metro).

Money back guarantee (Minus €50 admin fee).


Time: 3-4 Hours

Cost: €200

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