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  • What will I learn?
    You get to chose the topics that most interest you, or we can explore Paris, and discuss the topics that arise. Here are some suggestions to choose from: Equipment Camera settings aperture, shutter speed, and ISO Understanding exposure and metering modes Mastering manual mode Composition and framing Identifying and anticipating decisive moments Approaching subjects Ethics and respect Overcoming fear and hesitation Interplay of light and shadow Storytelling techniques Documenting daily life and cultural nuances Creating a narrative Balancing elements in the frame Incorporating foreground and background Controlling depth of field for creative effects: Incorporating motion and blur in your images Abstract techniques Environmental portraiture Editing and post-processing Developing a personal style Night and low-light street photography
  • What will we see?
    This depends on time of day and locations that we choose. We are going to see people, old buildings, cars, historical landmarks all around, the charming and sometimes gritty, sometimes beautiful Paris. If there is something specific that you would like to photograph, please ask. Some ideas are: Louvre Eiffel tower The Seine Notre Dame Sacre Coeur The Opera
  • How much walking is involved?
    This entirely depends on you. Street photography depends on being in the streets and moving around. Therefore more walking means exploring locations more thoroughly. Another factor is the number of locations that we choose. Some locations are a short walk from others, others are further. Metro is our proffered choice of transportation. We can arrange Uber or a private driver at an additional cost, however this usually increases travel times. Please wear comfortable shoes, and let us know if you are ok to be on your feet and moving for the duration.
  • What form of transportation will we use?
    Transportation between locations is by walking or metro. We can arrange Uber or a driver for an added cost. The drawback of driving is increased travel time and we miss the photographic opportunities provided by being on the street or metro.
  • Can I rent a tripod?
    Yes. We have a few tripods for rent. Please contact us for options and prices.
  • Do I need a fancy camera?
    Any camera will work, even a phone camera or a point and shoot.
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